Monday, June 11, 2012

Redheads Rock!

Last night I was reading through some old journals and came upon this conversation I had recorded in 2007, when Parker was 6 years old:

Parker: “Mom, do you think I’ll ever get married?”
Mom: “Of course.”
Parker: “My chances are much gooder because of my hair, right?”
Mom:  “Oh, yes, you have very nice hair.”

Parker: “Do you think it will change to your color when I get older, or will it stay nice and bright?”
Mom: “I don’t know.”
Parker: “I mean, I like yours best for you, I just like mine best for me.”

I thought it was cute and read it to Parker last night.  His response:
“I do agree this hair is gonna get me some ladies!” 

Our kids do not suffer from a lack of self esteem.  (:

Parker, age 6


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  1. Where do they get this stuff!? It is so darn fun to get glimpse into their minds!


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