Monday, July 30, 2012

Out of Surgery

Xander is out of surgery and everything went ok.  His surgeon came and spoke with us and showed us some pretty insane pictures of his leg completely opened and pretty much sitting in two pieces.  I would share the photos, but I'm sure most of you wouldn't be as fascinated by it as I was!  I quite like stuff that makes most people want to throw up.  (:

There are some potential issues that the surgeons are worried about, so we could still use some prayers.  It's anticipated that he will be here longer than originally planned-- probably about a week or so.  Not the best news ever, but we're glad he's ok.  Jeremy was just called to come back and see him, and I should be able to follow soon.

We'll keep posting...



  1. Prayers for you and your precious Xander!!!

  2. Prayers will continue guys - glad that the procedure went as well as it did!

    hugs and love - aus and co.


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