Sunday, August 19, 2012

A few reasons I love my kids...

I took Elli, Jesi, Lexi and Sophi to the park and to get snow cones the other day.  They are all so cute.  I'm a proud papa when I'm out with them!  Sophi likes to push herself up the slide and then slide back down:

 As she is at an obvious disadvantage in some ways, I was inspired by her attitude.  She kept looking up at me, smiling and saying, "This is so easy, Daddy!  This is so easy!"

Jesi took her turn on the slide, resulting in some significant static hair issues:
 She also found some success on the rings:
Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were sweet enough to drive 5 hours round trip to see Xander.  He had missed going to the family reunion because of his hospital stay, so the brought him some gifts and really cheered him up.  Thanks!  While they were here, Grandma spent some time with Jesi creating a closet for her doll, Penelope.  Quite impressive:

After they were gone, Jess asked me to help her find a place to put the closet and bed.  It had to be a place that Elli wouldn't destroy it.  In order to do this, I suggested we go downstairs with a measuring tape and look for places it could fit.  I asked Jesi to get the measuring tape.  When I came back five minutes later, she was prepared!

This morning when I got up I found this little scene in Lexi and Sophi's bedroom:

What made it so cute is that Sophi was calling out, "I will catch you, Lexi.  I will catch you!!!"  Confident kid:)

PS.  For any of you who are lucky enough to read this before Christi does, you can see a picture of "Queen Christi" as coronated by our sweet Jess:)


  1. Measuring tape! That's the cutest kid misunderstanding I've seen in a long time. But Sophi's insisting she will catch Lexi still takes the cake on that post.


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