Monday, August 27, 2012


First of all,  PLEASE keep the meal ideas coming-- I'm loving it!

Once in awhile, you'll see a picture or hear a story that just rips at your heart.  It makes seemingly important things not matter anymore, and causes you to reflect on the truly important, eternal kinds of things.  Tonight I saw such a picture.  I won't share it here, because it is too heartbreaking, but I will share another one, of the same sweet girl.  In this picture, you won't have to see the horrific burns that cover so much of her body, and her sad little eyes as she is photographed showing her scars.

This little girl, named Calla by the agency advocating for her, is Jessica's age.  She was found at the age of 3 months old with severe burns all over her body.   This is part of what my friend, Annie, writes about her:

Her file states that as she learned to speak, the nannies taught her to say “mom” and that is was hard for her to say at first but she tried and tried until she was able to say it.  It also stated that because her feet were so badly burned that learning how to walk was very hard and painful for her, but she was determined and was able to overcome the pain and learned to walk.  Now, with the help of teachers and of other children, she will hold the hands of the other children to go to classroom or  to the dining hall to eat. She loves sharing her toys and loves drawing and although her file states that “it is not as pretty as other children’s”, she proudly puts her picture on a wall to show it to teachers and other children.  I pray that someone tells her that it is wonderful, that she draws pretty pictures. 
Please pray that this precious, beautiful child can finally know love, can finally know how amazing she is.

Surely there is someone out there who has room in their hearts and home for beautiful Calla.  If you or someone you know would like more information on her, please email me.  (:



  1. Morning guys - y'all have such a big heart! Oh - and the picture was a dead link! ;)

    hugs - love to all - aus and co.

  2. After watching your dynamite announcement again and again, I find myself looking at the ccai website often. We have been married 18 years and have 5 children. I know that there is room in my heart (not as much room in our house). The concern is financial. I hear that there are grants/loans. How much is available? I am a stay at home mom (occupational therapist by profession prior to 2nd child). These little ones with absent feet hands are grabbing at my heart. I asked God, can you call me to adopt? I will say yes, yes, yes! I know that he is able to do far more than I can imagine! Kim

  3. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing! Financial concerns are so tough. Why can't it just be free, for heaven's sake!!! There are definitely resources out there, though. First of all, there is a tax credit of approximately $13,000 that you will be given at the end of the adoption. This tax credit expires at the end of this year, but many adoptive parents are advocating for it to continue, and I think there is a very good chance it will. If so, this will cover over half of your expenses, even thought you'll have to have the money upfront. (There are many expenses that you could get a personal loan for or use a no-interest credit card, knowing that you would get the refund at the end of the process.) There are many grants available if you are willing to do the paperwork. Most seem to give in the amounts of $2,000-$4,000 and are not exclusive (you can receive more than one grant.) I would apply with as many organizations as you can. The one issue with many of the grants is that you can't apply until you have a homestudy completed (they want to see that you are serious about adopting.) Also, many, many people do fundraisers, and I can give you some ideas for those if you are interested.

    Kim, I have seem financial miracles happen over and over again when it is the right thing to adopt. I would say to pray, pray, pray, and if it is right that God will provide a way. I would love to help in any way I could.

  4. Do you have an email that we can contact you through?

    1. I have cousins (Juan and Chelsa) that might be interested in Calla and her story.

    2. Hi Mrs. Mund! My email is I went ahead and emailed your cousins about Calla--- thank you for letting me know. (:


  5. Saw that exact post at wonderful waiting kids yesterday and it broke my heart for her. I agree, she does need a mom to tell her that her pictures are beautiful!

  6. What agency is she with? Would love to advocate for her. Wish we could adopt just one more....!
    Jen (Mom to 4 "waiting children" from China)


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