Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Kids...

Do you know how lucky you are?  I was driving yesterday and listening to a country music station.  A song came on that I hadn't heard before.  A divorced dad was lamenting the long road he had travel each time he went to visit his son.  He talked about how he and the boy's mother "just couldn't get along."  As I heard these words, I thought about your sweet mother.  I thought about how patient she has been with me and how amazing she has been with you.  How blessed we are to have her!  How fortunate we are that she is determined to "get along" with me, in spite of my myriad mistakes and shortcomings.  

She is so concerned about each of you.  She has talked to me so many, many times about a specific need one of you has.  She has analyzed her own parenting and looked for ways she could be a better mom.  She frequently softens my somewhat harsh responses and helps me remeber how little and innocent you all are.  She is loyal to us and tries to keep us away from harm or disappointment.  She has sacrificed almost all of her wants and desires to meet the needs of an extra-needy family.  (Although I must say I am proud of her for the time she does take for herself.  Her super-workouts at the gym, a night away with her friends now and again, an episode of her favorite TV show at night, etc.)

Dear kids, you could not have a better mom!  Her patience is extroadinary.  Her unconditional love is unfeigned.  Her willingness and desire to serve is evidenced by the time she spends with each of you each day.  Occasionally she expresses to me a feeling of inadequacy because she doesn't spend more time in service to people outside of our family.  I remind her that virtually every minute of every day she is "visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction" and therefore her entire life is composed of service to others.  And she does this with (almost;) never a complaint.  

My sweet children.  How I love you.  How completely immersed in your successes and trials my own emotions have become.  And yet, your mother surpasses me.  Her empathy for your trials knows no bounds.  You can and should know that anytime you are suffering, she suffers with you.  When your feelings are hurt by an insensitive friend, she aches for you.  As you go through the natural heartaches of life, she is by your side, always willing to console and comfort.  Never forget this.  As you go through the next years of your life, as you grow through teenage years and into adulthood, respect her.  Turn to her for help and advice.  She is wise and has experience.  More importantly, she lives close to the Spirit, and can offer you counsel that is in harmony with the Gospel.  She will always look out for your best interests.  Listen to her.  Love her.  Hold her in a place of honor.  She deserves this.  And you deserve a mother such as her.  For you are truly incredible people yourselves.  

As I look back at my life, I am humbled and amazed at the cadre of people Heavenly Father has seen fit to surround me with, despite the many ways I have fallen short.  I am blessed beyond belief to have each of you as children and your mother as my wife.  Please know how much I love each of you!




  1. Love it and couldnt agree more!

  2. I agree too!!!! And she is also so blessed to have you as her husband, their father.

  3. You need to start off with *Kleenex* alert.... I think we are all blessed to know your family....


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