Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of School Pics

We did it!!  As of yesterday, all of the kiddos have started school!  Xander is barely hobbling around and still has his drainage tube, but his surgeon has given him clearance and he was going out-of-his-mind CRAZY here, so off to school it was!  Luckily everyone has been taking very good care of him, and I'm sure he doesn't mind the extra attention.  We have been so blessed this year with FABULOUS teachers and great schools.  It's surreal that we have three in jr. high this year-- time goes by waayyy too fast!  I hate when summer break ends and it's time to send the kiddos off, but I must say that I am really loving the couple of hours a day I have to myself!  The only problem is, the more I clean, the more messes I seem to find-- will it ever end??!!!

Here are our cuties:

Graci-- 8th

Taylor-- 7th

Parker-- 6th

Lexi-- 1st (repeating)

Jessica-- 3rd

Sophi-- preschool

Xander-- 2nd

Elli-- 2nd

Jes waits to see what outfit Graci chooses, then coordinates hers and Lexi's to match-- one fun part of school uniforms!


  1. HOORAH - now one favor - at your first opportunity - maybe even today - please do something for YOU - just this once...a nap...a book...whatever - but just this once do something for YOU!!

    Great joy for you guys - everyone looks wonderful!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. I love the annual "first day of school" pictures! They always looks so excited, cute, and loved!


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