Thursday, August 9, 2012

My latest obsession

This girl is fascinating.  I love love love her!  Plus, she only lives 40 minutes away from us, which basically makes us neighbors! (;   This is who I meant to become when I took that one year of violin lessons in 5th grade!  Seriously, I would LOVE to see her perform live someday.  Check out her channel on youtube-- amazing.  (Psst...Heather!  I think this girl was meant to be born your twin!)


  1. Wow! She is amazing! Loved the video, too- very creative!

  2. She is exceptional - and obviously a dancer as well as musician! But try this on - I'm thinking you are like me and while the music and moves were great - the obvious JOY - her LOVE of LIFE - that she experiences while making her music is what is most attractive about her!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. Beautiful...the music and the "ice castles."


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