Wednesday, September 12, 2012


After getting off the bus today:  "Kevin (bus driver) is so so special to me!"

After asking the kids to do something:  "Mama, I can't.  I don't have arms!"  I replied, "Oh, is that so?" and she very seriously said, "Yes-- see!  Look right there!  (pointing with her feet to where her arms should be) See!  I don't have any!"  I hadn't noticed!  (;

After Jer had been gone a few days to Tennessee:  "Why doesn't my Daddy live here anymore?"  I tried to explain he was coming back, and she replied, "I want him to come home NOW!  You can go away!"

After driving back from the hospital and complaining about the long drive:  "I want a different Mommy!"  I pretended not to hear her, thinking it best to just ignore her.  She said, "MOMMY!  I said I want a different Mommy!  You 'posed to cry!"  I pretended to cry and she immediately said, "Ha, ha!  I just kidding Mommy!  I want you be my Mommy!"

And after overhearing Lexi say out of the blue, "Mommy, thank you for coming to China to get me," Sophi chimed in, "Yep!  Thanks Mama!  That so so  sweet of you to get me from China!"


  1. Priceless! I love 3yo's :) We call our funnies: Bekah-isms!

  2. What a precious girl!!! Kid's just don't come much cuter!!!

  3. Cost of adoption: $$$$$

    Cost of flight to China: $$$$

    Cost of raising upteen children: $$$$$$$

    Sophi-isms: Priceless!

  4. Love, love, love reading your posts and looking at your pictures! Your family is beautiful! You are one blessed mommy! Sophi's face is so beautiful and full of her love of life- I don't even notice she doesn't have arms. Praying and hoping God calls us to adopt. Kim

  5. I saw this woman on youtube and she reminded me so much of your Sophi! She has no arms and her right leg is considerably shorter, and she lives independently and drives and cooks and all of that. I think that's so awesome.


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