Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to Y Mountain!

Two weekends ago my brother Matt brought his sons Walker and Carter down from Rexburg, ID to go on a hike with Taylor, Parker and me.  We decided to hike to the top of Y Mountain.  It's a rigorous hike, with one particularly steep section that feels like it lasts Forever!  (Especially when you're the weakest link of the group.  Yes, that would be me.  The elderly gentleman panting and puffing all the way to the top.  And shuffling the last mile on the way down cuz' his knees feel like they're on fire.)  But it is absolutely gorgeous in the fall.  Colors exploding, cooler weather.  We had a blast.  Fortunately this time, I didn't have to hike half way back up to rescue a camera:).  I haven't been on a hike with my brother since before I was married, and it was great to be able to get up there with him.  I was impressed with how well his young boys did, too.  Thanks for coming Carter and Walker!!!

Mountaintops are special places.  The grandeur and majesty are beyond compare.  I love living so close to so many of them.

The beginning

Taylor, Parker and Walker on the Y

Bear rock (or mouse rock or frog rock or whatever you think it looks like:)

View from the top

A tribute to Tiff:)

Love my big boys!

For much of the hike up and much of the hike down I committed to myself that I would never do this again.  On the drive back home I was trying to figure out just how soon I get back into my hiking shoes!



  1. Great stuff in these posts - Glad that Xman got a chance to get home! I consider myself Blessed to have a job that doesn't require much travel - once in a year maybe - and generally then just a couple nights and a drive! But I do envy you living where you do - beautiful country - and great places to hike! But you know why it's called Y mountain right? Because every second that you are on it you are wondering Y you are there - but - once you are off you are wondering Y you left it! ;) Just.sayin...

    Hugs to all - love you guys -

    aus and co.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get together and hike. Your tribute to Tiff was great, though neither of your poses was quite as enthusiastic as our little sister's!


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