Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear James Howell,

When you coined the phrase, "Don't cry over spilled milk," were you referring to a scenario when the  whole gallon spills, splashing the milk all over the cabinets and appliances before covering the entire floor?  And were you thinking of this happening to a mother trying to juggle the needs of seven kids while her eighth is in the hospital?

Just wondering if I'm entitled to a tear or two...


  1. Oh honey...permission granted to CRY A RIVER!
    That is sooo heartbreaking when stuff like that happens. Just one more thing to clean up!
    And milk STINKS!
    Big hug and crying with you....

  2. Yes you are!! Wish I could have been there to help. :,(

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  4. Oh no! This reminds me of two things:
    Jers mom tells the story of when the boys were little and they had dogie lambs to feed in their backyard. She had just mixed up 5 gallons of powdered milk and his brother thought he would help carry it to the backyard. Oops the 5 gallons spilled everywhere!!!!!
    The other is a quote I read saying whoever said there's no use crying over spilled milk never pumped six ounces then accidentally spilled it.
    Wish I could've helped clean it up!!!!

  5. You're entitled to a cry and a NAP! Hang in there. I love your blog. You have a lovely family.

  6. Ha ha! First I can totally relate with Leslie's comment about the pumped milk! I am pretty sure i did cry. and second, been there, done that, milk does stink! Bless your heart.

  7. Well, first of all ...

    James Howell was a MAN, so what does he know of spilt milk? Just like a man to tell you not to 'cry over it', whilst YOU are the one cleaning it up. LOL

    Totally going for the laugh here. ;D Love and hugs from Iowa.


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