Monday, October 29, 2012


When Sophi says her personal prayers at bedtime, they're usually pretty short.  Last night as I was tucking her in her prayer went on and on and on.  It was probably 10 full minutes!  Some of the things she prayed for were sweet and cute.  Some were completely unintelligible, but I'm sure they had meaning to her.  She prayed for some of the things we're praying for as a family and many others.  I must admit my mind started to wander, but I was quickly drawn out of my daydreaming by the following:  "Please help Heavenly Father to fix Lexi's eyes and to put my arms back on.  Cuz' I was born that way."

Few phrases could be so faithful and so painful at the same time.  This little one has such great faith.  She has no doubt that the day will come that she will receive arms.  And yet she deals with this challenge all day, every day.  She is old enough now that she is very much aware of the way in which she is different from other people and many of the hardships it creates for her.  Occasionally she will say "I can't because I don't have any arms."  Sometimes this is said very matter-of-factly.  At other times it is said with painful resignation and a bleak expression on her face.  These are some of the most poignant experiences I have as a parent.

But most of the time, you couldn't meet a spunkier, more energetic, more happy-with-life individual than our Sophi.  Christi and I were discussing this morning just how happy Sophi is to be part of a family.  More than any of our other children at this age she absolutely relishes mom and dad, brothers and sisters.  She often lists everyone in our family and says how much she loves each of them.  She is truly a constant example of how I should be living my life:  Face reality, shoulder your burdens, and move forward with faith and a smile.  :)



  1. I love this precious little girl!!! She is so amazing!

  2. Love that picture Jer - makes you look like a real "papa bear"! And yeah - we all could take and example from Lexi - all of us!

    love you guys - hugs - aus and co.

  3. I love our little Soph! I think of her often whenever I am going down that ridiculous "woe is me" road. I have no real woe!!


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