Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trombone Musings

Taylor used to practice his trombone in the garage.  It's getting a bit cold for that, so he tries to find a location that is the least noisy for the rest of the family.  Tonight I found him sitting on the toilet in the master bathroom practicing away.  Dedicated kid.  I opened the door and complimented him on how much he's progressing.  We were looking at each other through the mirror.  He looked at me with a meditative expression and said, "You look different in the mirror."  I flexed my muscles, sucked in my gut and put a "Flynn Ryder smolder" on my face.  "Do I look more handsome in the mirror?" I asked. 

"No.  Your bald spot is on the opposite side."

Thanks, T.  I love you, too.



  1. Good morning my brother!

    I didn't even know you had a bald spot! ;) Oh wait - you have kids - guaranteed bald spot - kids make you hair fall out!

    As for Science and God...remember back in the middle ages when the Church was the seat of all knowledge, science included? How many people were stoned or worse because they were heritics for their belief in what science taught them?

    The enter the modern age of theology and science - when science and Faith could live side by side - each comfortable with the wisdom that while science "explained" a great many things - there was still an overall mystery that could only be explained by Faith.

    And today - well - there have been folks for centuries who have tried to 'disprove' or Heavenly Father. But they will fail yet again. Because - and take it from a forensic guy - you can't prove a negative. You can only prove what "is" - not what "is not".

    And everyday there are "God Moments" - like you had this morning!


    love you guys - aus and co.


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