Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time for a lesson on inner beauty?

Walking into Jesi's room and seeing Sophi on the floor putting necklaces on, I say, "Soph, what are you doing?" Sophi, sounding very flabbergasted, replies, "UGH!  I am getting pretty!"  Duh, Mom.

Later after doing her hair, she says, "MOMMY!  (again exasperated) I not 'dorable yet!  I need spray!!"  I spray a little hairspray and she looks in the mirror, "See!  Now I 'dorable!" 

She then turns to look at me, her nose scrunched up in disapproval.   "Mommy?  You not beautiful yet today." 

"Oh yeah?"  I reply.

 "Your hair's all messy and you not have your make-up on and you don't have cute clothes!" 

"Can't I still be beautiful?" I ask.

"Mommy!!  You're silly!  You ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL!"

At least she gets points for honesty!

If you look at the top of Sophi's head, you'll notice where she gave herself a haircut, no doubt in trying to get 'dorable.


  1. Hee hee we have a hairstylist in our family too. The last time she decided to coif her sister I made her write a page of lines a day, "I will never cut hair again." Wonder if she'll be a hair dresser when she grows up.

  2. Oh goodness! This reminds me of my daughter telling me the opposite: that I didn't need makeup to go to church because God created me without makeup and He didn't care if I had it on for church. Mind you church is pretty much the only place I wear makeup! Same lesson on inner beauty, just for mommy! Ha!

  3. She - and all y'all - are always 'dorable! ;)

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  4. Note to self: never NEVER let Sophi see me without makeup. I am definitely not 'dorable!!


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