Monday, December 17, 2012

A few pics...

Graci with her China neice: Ling Long

Chin brother holding Graci and Bei Bei

Christi and Jesi in the middle of a swarm of elementary school kids who love their hair!
Graci with her 1st and 2nd grade teacher from Hangzhou

We love China Grandma!!!

Ling Long with her America grandparents and her China grandparents.  They decided we were her America grandparents.  We really are part of the family at this point:)

At the zoo.

Jesi, Graci, Duna and Christi
Cali after swimming

Sorry!  These pictures were part of a larger group we were trying to post, but only a few got through and in kind of random order.  We will post more when we can:)


  1. My Brother - wow - what I wouldn't give to be there...the pictures give me great joy - in particular the reference to Grandma...Chase's FF refer to Marie and I as their brother and sister. You guys have recieved such a high honor from a culture that values that kind of honor - and it is well deserved - you guys earn it every day!

    Lookinf forward to the closing of your journey - and the beginning of your adventure!

    love you guys - hugs to all - aus and co.

  2. It's so fun to see pictures; I can't wait till you're home and can post tons. And you better post the love-letter interpretive dances!

  3. Y'all look GREAT! Be safe as you travel home. Our prayers are with you!


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