Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Off We Go!

Sitting on a United Airlines flight from LAX to SFO.  Yes, we have to fly from Salt Lake to Los Angeles to San Francisco before we can fly to Shanghai.  Do you ever wonder who decides to charge you less for flying more legs and 600 more miles?

I had saved up some vacation days and had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off.  Thought this would give me lots of time to get ready and we could get a good night's sleep before we left.  Then we invited some wonderful people to our home for the weekend.  Something about having a camera crew following your every move (and requesting this shot and that) does not lend itself to lots of preparation time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Graci can be a part of the documentary they're working on.  It was just a much more exhausting experience than we anticipated.  Anyway, the end result was I had to jam all of my last minute prep into one day...and one night.  Since we had to leave at 3:30 am, I just never went to bed last night.  Christi got about 1 hour of sleep.  And thank heavens for Dean and LaRita.  I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't been there helping with the kids.

But now we're on our way!  Super-excited.  Nauseatingly exhausted.  Overwhelmed. Under-prepared.  And trusting in God that it will all work out somehow.  We love you Cali!  We're coming!  See you soon!!!




  1. So excited for your family! Can't wait for future details! Hope you were able to get some sleep on the plane. Yahoo for your family! One step closer!

  2. God's speed!! When will you be in Guangzhou, and where will you be staying? Please post if you can, we're so excited to follow along!

    1. We will be in GZ from the 14th to the 21st. We're staying at the China Hotel. It's a Marriott property. Quite disappointed we're not on Shamian Island. That has been a part of each of our trips in the past and I really love it there. But I'm sure we'll find great things about where we stay this time.

  3. That's wonderful!! My husband Dave and son Parker will be at the Victory the same time - your family is a celebrity with our family and my husband is dying to meet you guys, maybe you guys will bump into each other :-) Safe and happy travels!!

  4. Godspeed sweet family! I love you and Cali and can't wait to see her in your arms. Praise God this day has come. I almost can't believe it. May 1, 2009 to today seems nearly a lifetime. And now a new life begins.

  5. so excited for you!!! i hope you can get some sleep. . . and to think you were a stones throw away when you were at LAX!!!!! :) love to all. . . aunt debbi

  6. So excited! :-)
    Love ya!!
    Can't wait for updates!!!

  7. I can hardly wait for pictures of our new niece!!!! We'll be praying for you!

  8. All my prayers are with you guys! It is awful to be so tired that the nausea sets in. And sleep on a plane just isn't good sleep. I know you can be blessed with the strength and energy you need, though. Love you all!

  9. So exciting! We are so happy for you.


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