Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Plan

OK.  So here’s the big news.  I have been really worried about how we are going to integrate a wheelchair into our home.  Like. Really. Worried.  Christi had gutted out the clutter in Jesi and Graci’s room, with the intention of putting Cali in there, too.  But if you know the layout of our home, you realize that this is not a very viable option.  Yesterday, Christi had an inspiration.  We need to switch rooms with the girls!  I started doing cartwheels and clicking my heels as I realized that this really is the only way to do it.  My heart swelled with joy as I pictured how easily Cali’s wheelchair will navigate the double doors into our master bedroom and how much better it will be for her to have access to our master bath.  The smile never left my face as I tried to figure out if we should put our king-sized bed into the girl’s room (which, incidentally, is painted pink, my favorite color) or put that bed into storage and utilize the bunk beds the girls have been using.

Honestly, it is probably what we’re going to have to do.  It is taking a bit of effort for me to really accept this, but I’m actually grateful Christi thought about it while we’re here in China.  Having seen the living accommodations that are reality for so many here and around the world, it seems awfully petty of me to worry if my heated, carpeted bedroom is going to be a little bit smaller going forward.


P.S.  Christi just read this post and said, “The problem is, you’re such a good person that some people won’t catch the fact that first paragraph is sarcasm.  So for those of you who have never met me (‘cuz no one who knows me could possibly have that kind of opinion of me!), the first paragraph is rife with sarcasm.  Dripping.  Reeking of insincerity.  J


  1. Ok so not the best thing for you and Christi, but definitely the best thing for the girls! What a great idea! I hadn't thought of that either but it totally makes sense for you guys! We recently moved and were going to put our three boys in the master bedroom because it seemed more logical for them to have more space. Didn't end up working out for various reasons... Anyway, that will be much more comfortable for them! Maybe you'd even have space to add another bed or two in there as well for lexi & sophi! ;-)

  2. Meh - like its the first time you'll have done something like this for your kids? ;)

    love you guys -

    aus and co.

  3. Y'all think like us! Somehow to this point we've managed to keep the master of the homestead in the master bedroom but we would do the same thing and almost did when we moved into our itty bitty house on our big yard. It won't be forever because we're all gonna PUZZLE YOU HOME! :) :) :) LOVE Y'ALL!

  4. I know you, and it took me more than half way through the first paragraph to pick up on the sarcasm :) I'm sure it will all work out.

  5. Coming from a family that did the same thing...we don't actually have a master bathroom, but we did move into the boys' room and moved the boys into the master bedroom. We thankfully only had a queen sized bed. You learn to walk slowly in the dark so that you don't hid your ankles on the bed frame or the bookcase.
    As soon as one of the boys gets married or another 10 years, we'll get our room back.

  6. Love the plan! Wishing your family a safe journey home! I am sure your children are excited to meet their newest family memeber.

  7. I think I know you as well as anyone and I really didn't know that first paragraph was sarcastic until I read your explanation at the end (well, except for the pink part). That's how amazing you've become! I really thought you were freakishly excited to have figured out a solution for your beloved daughter. You are my hero!


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