Friday, January 11, 2013

15 Minutes of Fame?

The lost girl from our neighborhood has been found!  Yay!  Christi was one of hundreds of volunteers who went out searching for her.  And since Christi hasn't been on the news enough  lately, she now has her picture on

She is not amused.

(But I am:)



  1. Do you know that you are also featured on YAHOO's home page? I knew even before I saw the picture that you would be out there looking. There was no doubt. We're so grateful she's safe.

    1. Oh my gosh-- I am laughing so hard. I seriously just had a conversation yesterday that if I saw another camera I was going to cry. I'm really not into all of thie publicity stuff. This was BEFORE I went to search, and they just HAD to snap a picture of me-- looking quite awkward (what in the world is my arm doing?!) and post it out of all the hundreds of pics they were taking. I was so rolling my eyes when a friend called this morning about msn.
      Then after reading your comment, I googled Christi Green and Brooklyn Gittins and found over 20 links, including the Washington Post-- ha! I guess I jinxed myself when I said "no more cameras!" Of course, what's important is that Brooklyn is HOME, not that I look like a moron. (: (: (:

  2. I really don't think you look like a moron! I perceive you in this picture as sincerely listening and learning what they need you to do in order to help. This picture is yet another reminder of one of the many acts of selfless service you give everyday! It's perfect!:)

  3. I don't think you look awkward or like a moron. You are stunning! I am glad they found Brooklyn. I am glad she is OK! I am interested to hear the story. It just seems so strange.

  4. Haha! Classic. That's hilarious. And completely un-moronic.

  5. I noticed that same picture on the front page of the Deseret News this morning. Very cool!

  6. they posted that picture of you because you are so beautiful!!!! And, you were concentrating!!! love you, aunt debbi

  7. I'm relieved that she's unharmed - and maybe even surprised - God is kind to His Faithful! And Christi - I think you look great - you should see me after a SAR thing like that - you should see me before one - or even period - you'll always look way better than I do! ;)

    Proud of you for helping out - in particular at this time in your life!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  8. Christianne, you look beautiful - as always!!!


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