Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie Night at the Green's House

Tonight we rented Brave.  Jesi and Xander each invited a friend and all of us except Graci and Elli watched it together.  Cute movie.  Could have done without a few of the bare bums....  The kids love having late nights with friends, so this was a treat for Jess and X-man.  Christi and I had gone on an early date (Thai food, compliments of a Christmas gift from Matthew and Megan.  Thanks!!!).  On the way home we stopped at WalGreens to pick up the movie and some treats for the kids.  Christi and I are both trying to lose a few of the holiday pounds we put on.  Well, let's be real.  Christi doesn't need to lose an ounce and I have several years worth of holiday pounds to get rid of.  Regardless, at one point I looked down at our shopping cart and had to laugh at the irony:

So, now for the question of the day:  Which of the following most solidifies our standing as complete idiots: 
1)  The oxymoronic contents of our shopping cart
2)  Our while-we-were-shopping belief that the treats were "just for the kids."

Cali is a cutie!  Quite the little imp.  She has a fun sense of humor and it translates into English relatively well, which is uncommon.  A short conversation tonight:

Cali:  "Me like."
Me:  "I like."
Cali:  "Me."
Me:  "I"
Cali: "Wei shenme?" (Why)
Me: "Wo shi 'I' Wo shi 'me'" (The Chinese word 'wo' means either I or me)
Me:  "Wo ay nii...I love you"
Cali (who often protests when you try to teach her an English phrase she has already mastered):  "I KNOW!!!"  Then, with her impish grin:  "Me know:)"

Clever girl!



  1. I'm with you on the "too many bare bums" deal. And I'm really impressed with Cali! What a clever girl! That's awesome :)

  2. Great Stuff bro - "Brave" - is that the cop movie? I've been meaning to look for it if it's the one I was thinking of, one of our churches did a couple evening look at it but the meetings conflicted with family needs - and family had to win out.

    And never for a second did I think that stuff was for the kids - but hey - I'm a dad!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  3. Just looked it up - the movie I was talking about was "courageous" - I should have remembered about "brave" - a disney animated flick!

    love you guys - call my forgetfulness the cold / flu thing I got going...

    aus and co.

  4. Cute, Cali! Ah, the shopping cart...too funny; too familiar!


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