Thursday, January 17, 2013

Science Experiement

Maybe Jesi was feeling a bit jealous.  Left out, year after year, as her older siblings got to spend hours and hours with mom on their annual science project.  Maybe she is just a budding savant, looking for ways to express her scientific superiority.  Perhaps she felt a burning desire to express her inner Michelangelo, but couldn't reach the ceiling.  Or maybe she just wanted some cold Root Beer:

No way to clean this one but to take everything out and start from scratch.  Kudos to my brother Tyler who came for dinner, saw the mess and refused to leave until he had cleaned it spic and span.  Kudos to all involved for keeping smiles on our faces and chalking it up to a lesson learned.  (After the initial shock, we found out that we were lucky only one of the bottles she had imprisoned in the freezer had actually exploded...:)



  1. Ah yes - the old "exploding root beer bottle" trick! Seems these things particular with a "freezer on the bottom" kind of fridge - it's just easier to put stuff in the bottom I guess! But here's the thing - the freezer on the bottom needs to be emptied but doesn't come out so the only choice seem to be to kneel there and scrub? Naw - grab the shop vac and suck out as much of the frozen stuff as you can first! Sound like I've been there? ;)

    love you guys - hugs - aus and co.

  2. That freezer could have been in my house! Oh the things which would have made us go into orbit in the past. Thank God for the graces that LOTS of children bring! :) LOVE Y'ALL!!!!

  3. I'll admit, I've done that (and I'm an allegedly responsible adult). But only with 12-oz cans, not with 2 liter bottles!

  4. Couldn't hold the smile while seeing the pics :)


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