Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So very hard...

Imagine if you will a brick of some sort of edible sludge. 1.5 inches wide. 4 inches long. Coated with a brown substance vaguely similar to chocolate. As you bite into it, it is far more dense than any food ought to be. It feels, in fact, a bit like what you'd imagine biting into memory foam might feel like. It tastes somewhat sweet, but the flavor is off somehow. Not quite what it should be. There are some crunchy bits, and you get the impression that somebody thought they could fool you into thinking these were nuts. It sticks to your teeth as you chew. It goes down thick and heavy. And yet...you find it strangely delicious. You even find yourself craving more.

If you can relate to this, you too must have had the unforgettable experience of trying the slim fast diet! I'm not counting on the "fast" part, but I do hope the "slim" comes to fruition. For years I have had this weight range that I've stayed in. At the bottom of the range, most of my clothes are at least moderately comfortable. At the top of the range I suffer through the day, yearning for the evening, when I can slip into my comfy, elastic-waisted PJs. But now I have enlisted the power of slim fast into my fat fight. Will I succeed in this, my 13,573rd attempt? It remains to be seen. Hopefully, less of me will remain to be seen!



  1. I too have tried the Slim Fast diet, the shakes aren't too bad but the sugar content is so high you're unlikely to see much success. I have found the Body By Vi shakes to be fantastic, you blend them with frozen fruit to the flavor combos are endless. It might be worth a try. They are so yummy!Here's a link with more info if you want to check them out. http://staceymaljian.bodybyvi.com/

  2. Adding consistent exercise to healthy eating helped me lose 20 pounds. I try to limit calories when I can but really just try to eat healthy balanced meals. Finding a 30 minute video workout along with choosing to eat healthy was the most success I have found in figuring out how to honor God with the body I have. Praying God shows you what is best for you.

  3. Try adding a banana,a cup of milk, a scoop of protein powder, and ice to the blender. Along with a tablespoon of coco powder not hot coco. It is yummy. You can jazz it up with a teaspoon of peanut butter and flax seed.

    I just discovered another treat called artic zero in the ice cream case . A pint has only 150 calories. Good luck!

  4. Dude - here's the key - and Jer I mean this one! Some time ago a couple years at lest - the doctor did all his blood work - and came to the conclusion that I was diabetic. This blood value - A1C said so. "Nonesense Doc, there's not a thing wrong with me accept the cholestrol in my blood" He wasn't swayed...Not only was I diabetic - but brittle at that!
    the 3X
    So I start with the finger sticks 3X a day and all that good stuff - and all of my tests were between 90-110 - always. After a couple weeks I went back - more testing - dang - my A1C says I have been for years but you can't deny the 3X blood draws or GTT (gross test too!). OK - forget it....

    All that fabric to give you the one diet that actually really worked for me...

    As a part of all of this the lifestyle change I made really worked. I can have 35 carb's 3X a day. from 0600-noon - 35 carbs. from Noon to 1800 = 35 carbs, and 1800-midnight 35 carbs again. No saving - and you are allowed to "cheat" from time to time as long as you mix protein with the carbs. But you can have the carbs in any form you want! Want a cup of coffee with a tsp of sugar - great - 30 carbs to go for that block - have a second cup if you want! You get the idea.

    The weight really does melt off that way - and I was shocked at how much I could really eat!

    And dude - like me - a little excercise. I know - where's the time - but you can "mix it in". Basketball coaching - run up and down the floow with the guys - mow the lawn in 2/3's the time you would usually take. You get the idea.

    hugs - love you guys - and want you around for a LONG time!

    aus and co.

  5. I am on the verge of a juice fast. No joke. I saw "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" and think that's what I need. I am 35 lbs too heavy for my liking. Plus the doc told me I am prediabetic of all things! I wont do a fast weeks on end like Joe Cross in the documentary. But I figure if I look @ fasting from a spiritual perspective it will be easier. Please look @ the nutrients in slim fast. Also look at ingredients and how far they've been taken from nature. Think about what u r putting in your body! I really love y'all and don't mean to be harsh! Also I typed this with my kindle and the darnned thing is constantly auto correcting stuff that doesn't need auto correcting. I hope it all make sense Bc I'm about to hit send! :)

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