Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Ad Ever!

I know it's the day BEFORE the Super Bowl, but I just saw the best advertisement I've ever seen.  It starts out with close ups of a dad and his daughter walking somewhere.  Talking together about nothing particularly important, but you can tell they have a good relationship.   It starts to pan out and you can see that they're walking to an outdoor basketball court and are going to play together.  It ends with this written across the screen in block letters:


Well, gotta run....



  1. Jeremy, you are so right! The time to play with your kids is NOW. Before you know it, they are grown up and gone. My last one left home, for a 2-year mission, just yesterday . . . and I MISS him.

    Love, and still enjoying the times I get to play with my oldest (YOU), even though those times be weeks and months apart,


  2. Good morning Jer - yeah - there's a lot in Matthew that sometimes makes us squirm - but the Gospel should, because we've got pretty big shoes to try to fill. Still - I have some confidence that as long as we make our deicision our of love and in the best interests of our kids - well - we're getting good marks!

    And dude - you and your family get straight A's!

    As for today's message - well spoken sir - well spoken!

    hugs - love you guys -

    aus and co.


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