Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Picture Post (Christmas)

Christmas Eve

Dad and his girls

Mom and her boys

"Grand Bag" time

They all slept together downstairs and were waiting bright and early Christmas morning to come upstairs to see if Santa had come!

Taylor had worked so hard to earn money for an ipod touch and a few months ago is stopped working.  He was soooo excited to find that Santa had brought him a new one!

I find this one of the funniest pictures ever.  Where did Sophi's body go????

 Santa also knew that Graci's ipod she had worked for MONTHS and MONTHS to earn had also been broken. 

Boy... Santa was sure generous with ipods this year!  Cali was so, so happy!!  She uses it every day to keep in touch with her wonderful Chinese friends and family.  It also has google translate and all kinds of Chinese stuff that she loves.   It has been the most wonderful thing for her.  Good investment, Santa!
Sophi's thrilled!  All she wanted was a music box and a baby.  Santa loves her less-expensive taste!  (;

Lots of stuff to build = happy Xander!

Jesi wanted an "American Girl" doll  RV.  She loves her "American Girl" doll.   I put it in quotes because she acutally likes the cheaper "My Generation" doll and accessories from Target-- she just doesn't know it.  (;

Of course, she had to fall dramatically to the ground to show how pleased she was with her RV.

Lexi asked for a tandem bike and roller skates.  If you are kind of giggling that she would ask for skates, so are we.  (;  Not exactly functional for her unless someone is holding her hand...  As you can see, she nearly cried she was so happy.  (: (: (:

She doesn't look happy, but she was-- she LOVED this toy.  (:

Matching pjs for Jesi and Penelope.  We all decided that Penelope got the best Christmas of all.  Between Santa, siblings, and grandparents, Penelope scored an RV, chair, scooter/helmet, clothes, and boots.  Not bad!

We are so grateful to Russ and Candice and to Children and the Earth for making Christmas extra special for our children.  We love you!


  1. That's what Christmas is - family!!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  2. It seems that you have what Kim calls
    "Nana Claus"..

  3. Such fun! Lucky Penelope! Xander's longer hair makes him look so grown up and handsome. Lexi on skates is a funny visual. A great post!

  4. Looks like everyone was happy! What is the story behind the Smith's bag????

  5. LOve these pictures. And I feel better because I just posted a few Christmas pics on our blog for the first time the other day too! :)


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