Monday, March 18, 2013

Missing a special friend

Jesi's darling best friend moved a few months ago.  While cleaning up the living room today, I found a piece of paper.  It had a darling picture of two girls within a heart and these words:

When Rylie had moved the world seemed different to me.  It's like the world has changed for me.  It's like I'm in a different world.  I feel very sad.  I haven't been having the right feeling so what should I do for now?  I think for this day nothing will get worse because I feel lonely without my friend Rylie.  I feel like when we Skype it's like we are together!!  When that happens I feel the world is very good.

Breaks my heart.



  1. My heart is broken for her too! Poor Jesi!

  2. Poor Jesi - it's hard - but Christianne - call it "bittersweet" - Jesi knows something that she wouldn't know without you guys - she knows how to love.

    love you guys - aus and co.

  3. Oh, sweet Jesi. I sometimes forget how big the emotions are even when the person is little.

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