Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Kids!

We try, on at least a semi-regular basis, to have a family council each Sunday.  This is a meeting that the kids really look forward to.  During family council, each family member can bring up one concern they have or one idea they think would be good for our family.  Usually we just involve the oldest five, and the ideas and thoughts they bring up are very relevant.  We discuss each idea as a family and everyone is welcome to provide input and suggestions.  Everybody's thoughts are treated with respect, even if an idea isn't implemented.  It's a great way to introduce changes into our routines and to really get everyone's buy-in. 

One topic we've been discussing for the last couple of weeks is whether or not to begin a morning family scripture study.  We have always had a brief scripture after our family prayer in the evening, but it is tailored more towards the younger kids.  The morning study would still be short, but it would be more in-depth and hopefully more spiritually nourishing.  It would require us all to get up a little earlier, so there has been some resistance to the idea, but not a lot.  Overall, I've been really impressed by our kids' willingness to do something difficult but rewarding.

Last night at family council we decided to give the early morning routine a try for a week and then discuss how it went.  We all agreed to get up at 6:25 and meet in the living room at 6:30.  Taylor even volunteered to get up at 6:20 and make hot chocolate for everyone.  Before bed Parker said to me, "I really think it will be great to start our day with scriptures.  I'm really looking forward to it." 


Let me just say that I was not too enthusiastic about similar morning scripture times when I was a kid.  I'm so grateful for such good kids with such great perspective:)



  1. Great kids! How did you get so lucky? Ah, yes...Christianne!

  2. That is awesome! Great kids is right! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome. What fantastic kids!

  4. Outstanding guys! There is SO MUCH in the "backstory" in Scripture - when you really think about just what is in the Gospels - if I may...

    The Wedding Feast at Cana (John 2 1-11) - great story BUT -
    Can you see Christ "rolling His eyes" at his Mother (in typical kid fashion?)
    Can you see Mary ignoring her Son's behavior and looking at the steward and saying "This is my Child - do whatever He asks you to do" (In her best "Jewish Mother" tone of voice?)
    And the big question - Why was Mary in the role of controlling the celebration they were at?

    Those insights into Christ's life allow us to see today, as parents, as children, and mostly as "people in the world" how to bring Scripture to life and use it every day!

    Hope the process works well for you guys - exciting!

    hugs - love y'all - aus and co.


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