Thursday, March 21, 2013

When ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and expressions of concern.  I am so sorry I didn't update yesterday-- I know many of you have asked for one.  I went into shut-down mode yesterday and just didn't feel like talking about it.   I guess I still feel that way today, but I know people are worried and I want to at least let you know that Graci is doing great.  She acted pretty much normal yesterday besides being tired and is at school today-- yay!  Unfortunately (and I can't put into words how frustrated I feel about this) her neurology appointment is next Tuesday.  Apparently, they like to worry mothers as long as possible  wait for the effects of the seizures to wear off to get accurate readings on the tests.   Obviously, the tests could show NOTHING and it could be a one time event that we can just chalk up as a good reminder of what's important in life.  Or it could be something bigger.  I am not fond of option two.

So, to change subjects and talk about something that makes me smile, I want to share three of many acts of kindness that recently happened to our family:

1.  As I've talked about in the past, we are the incredibly blessed recipients of "laundry fairies."  One of the sweetest couples I've ever met in my life show up every Tuesday and Friday morning to pick up FOUR loads of laundry.  They even let me just sit it out on my porch so I don't have to be here.   It's returned later that night or the next morning, neatly folded and smelling wonderful.  I feel incredibly sheepish even blogging about this, because I know that I am spoiled rotten and that I don't deserve it any more than any of you reading this.  I wish every busy mother could have laundry fairies in their lives, and you can be assured that I plan on being one someday!  Anyway... this couple exudes kindness and the true love of Christ.  I LOVE them.  So when Lexi and Xander burst into tears and began sobbing uncontrollably when they found out that their grandparents wouldn't be there for "Grandparent Day" at school, this sweet couple came to our minds.  The next time they came over, I timidly asked if they had plans on Friday at 10:30.  As it turns out, they were both working.  When I told them why I was asking, her reply was, "Well, then we'll just have to be there!  I mean... priorities, right?!!"  Even with all of my insistence that it wasn't necessary, they took their precious time to be surrogate grandparents for Lexi, Xander, and Jesi.  The kids were SO happy about this.  It's all they could talk about after school that day.  I had to laugh when Russ told me the next day, "I had so much fun with Xander.  As we were walking down the hall, a lady asked him, 'Is this your grandpa, Xander?' to which he replied, 'No, it's the guy who does our laundry!'"  Her quick reply-- "Even better!"  (:

2.  You all know of Elli's antics in her bed.    As I'm sure we've mentioned, Elli sleeps on what was once the guest bed (before we had so many cute kids) and it is a very nice, expensive, kind-sized mattress.  Because we don't have anywhere else to put the mattress, it has become hers-- lucky girl.  With her lovely habit of taking off her pull-ups and ripping through mattress protectors, it was in need of a good cleaning.  I found someone online who had great reviews and gave him a call.   He told me it would be $100, and after calling around, that seemed reasonable.  When he and his son came here, I explained how the stains got there, which led to questions about Elli and our other kids.  As he cleaned the mattress, I went out to play with Sophi and her friend, Jordan.  When he finished, he came outside to let me know that he was done and he wasn't going to accept payment.  I tried to convince him otherwise, but he had been touched by the kids and their stories and asked me to please allow him to do it for free.  My heart was so full, and I want to share his information in case anyone here in Utah is looking for a very kind man to do their carpet cleaning!   He did a great job-- the mattress looks amazing.  (:

3.  While at the hospital, one of our neighbors came over to check on the kids and ended up spending a good deal of time here.  Anyone that knows me knows that deep cleaning is not my forte.  I am very happy if my house is picked up-- it takes a special occasion to do something like baseboards or dusting ceiling fans.  I have one window that has been particularly neglected.  It is right above the sink and because I rationalize that nobody (meaning company) really ever looks through it, I haven't cleaned it in a VERY (you don't want to know) long time.  Apparently, LuAnn must have noticed this (hmmm... I wonder how....) and decided to clean it.  I mean, she took the whole window out and gave it a good cleaning.  I can actually see out that window now-- I know, amazing concept!  It was just one thing, but it meant a lot to me.  It also taught me that even though we can't do everything for someone, we can do SOMETHING.  She couldn't deep clean my whole house, but doing that one window made me feel super loved.  (:

Again, I could write many more examples-- please know that if you are one of the sweet angels in my life that I do know it and I do treasure you and appreciate you, even though I'm often not great at sending thank-yous or letting you know-- I really am grateful for EVERY act of kindness.   I'm determined to be better at following your examples and blessing the lives of those around me.  (:



  1. When my son was about 2, I had taken him to Chick Fil A. I was trying to wrangle him, a high chair, my purse, a diaper bag, and a tray full of empty food containers. I ended up dropping the tray and the trash went everywhere. A half drunk milk, ketchup remnants, you name it went flying. I bent to pick it up and this woman came out of nowhere and said, "Please, let me get this for you." At first, I thought she was a worker at the restaurant, but no, it was just a sweet lady who had left her son and husband at their table and wanted to help. I was so touched, but could only croak out a thank you. I barely got out the door and started sobbing. I was just completely overwhelmed as a mom that day and to think that someone took the time to be kind meant the world to me. After I collected myself, I went back inside to thank her and she was gone. I wish I had the chance to tell her how important she was to me that day!

  2. What a great, uplifting post! I love Xander's response: "No, it's the guy that does our laundry." I love that kid!

  3. Thank you especially for #3. Sometimes I really would love to help, but do not know what to do. I appreciate knowing that even a meager attempt to serve can be helpful. My heart would love to clean the whole house, but my abilities are more the window cleaning level right now. And I know I appreciate the little things do for me. Thanks for making me feel like I can make a difference, even if I can't do much. And thanks for sharing these stories. I love reading them!

  4. thanks for that christi- very sweet and very tender! Such nice, everyday people in the world. . . seems like often we just hear about people with or causing challenges. yup, i am crying! :) It is indeed a wonderful world. aunt debbi

  5. Love you, Christi. Thanks for this post. I hope you can get some sleep tonight.

  6. Thanks for the update guys - actually saw and shared this with the family last night - but time / children / what am I trying to tell you about / prevented me from commenting!

    Absolutly LOVE the fact that you have peeps like this that step up - they are a Blessing on you guys - but live the Christlike life - that's what it's about.

    I too won't consider option #2 then either - but will hold all you guys in our prayers!

    Love you guys - aus and co.

  7. Missed this post originally...praying for the appointment's good outcome today. I HOPE you have the same thing happen with Graci that happened to us last summer when I had to take Michael for the very same appt. It will be VERY anti-climatic. For us busy moms anti-climatic is PEACHY!!!!!


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