Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Conversation I just had...

Sophi:  "I'm so lucky to have a Mom!  I love you really lots!"

Me:  "I'm so lucky to have a Sophi!  I love YOU really lots!"

Sophi:  "Mom, I love being your daughter.  Thanks for adopting me, cuz I don't wanna be alone!"

Me:  "I love being your mommy.  Thank you for letting me adopt you!"

Sophi:  "You make my heart soooo happy!"


And just so you know we are real-- the morning was also filled with plenty of whines from this sweet girl of ours.  (;

I will blog about this weekend and the groundbreaking soon.  I'm just waiting for pictures.  (:



  1. can't wait to see photos of the ground breaking, of the baptism, of the sealing. What a sweet sweet girl!

  2. I love that she can express her feelings! (Even if those feelings come loud and long sometimes!)

  3. A couple of things on my mind. I knew this family when they were a "small" delightful family and have enjoyed watching them grow. GOD is watching over them. Tennessee is too far to help in person, but do so with a piece of the puzzle and prayers.
    Also are the Puzzle Them Home t shirts available for sale?
    Love you all.

    Lois Rosier


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