Monday, April 22, 2013

The foundation is in!

I seriously have to keep pinching myself.  What wasn't even a consideration a year ago has gone from seeming impossible to improbable to unlikely to impossible to maybe to no-way-on-earth to this-might-really-happen to Holy-Cow-There's-A-Massive-Hole-In-The-Ground!!!  Last Wednesday they began excavation.  Footers were laid on Thursday.  Today they poured the foundation.  I really can't express how unbelievable this entire project is.  We are SOOO grateful and excited and bouncing off the walls around here.  We go visit the property multiple times a day.  I really can't tell you all what this means to our family!

Thank you for all you have done!


They had to perform a water-pressure test at the nearest fire hydrant...

And so it begins!

I'm a construction novice, so this seemed like the coolest thing ever!


  1. Yeah! Congratulations a thousand times!

  2. Wow, how's on its way :)

  3. Wow - not wasting any time getting to it either - and you've never seen a concrete pump? Probably more common here because we have so many steep hills - near impossible to drive a full truck up them!!

    Great stuff - love y'all -

    aus and co.

    1. Yes, I have seen a concrete pump before, but never up close and never able to watch them actually maneuvering it. Very cool!

  4. Amazing! It seems to go up so quickly! I hope you take pictures of each stage and let us see.

  5. What a beautiful spot, with awesome mountain views! Please keep posting house pictures! I am so happy for your sweet family!

  6. I love those concrete pumps too. My kids and I actually sat in the car in a parking lot just watching one once. Too COOL! I can't wait to see the house as it takes shape!

  7. I just love the mountains in the background. What a gorgeous setting. I see a little church somewhere in the background. Regardless of whatever faith it represents, it seems fitting to be there watching over your neighborhood. I'm curious if you have any type of safety room as part of your foundation. As in a place to go in case of a tornado?...couldn't tell if there is a basement part to the foundation. Its just beautiful, so happy for your amazing family. I too am looking forward to pictures as the builders progress toward completion. mm,vancouver,wa.

  8. Yahoo!!! we are so excited for you. We can't wait to come and see it! I am so happy that Christy gets her beautiful kitchen too. I am Diane (we met you at Rumbi on Christi's birthday) You were an inspiration to us and we are trying to adopt ourselves now. We have gained such a love for adoption and pray to find our miracle soon! Love, Diane


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