Monday, April 29, 2013

The Impossible Dream

Christi and I love watching YouTube clips of Britain's Got Talent.  We are blown away by some of the amateur talent showcased there, and of course Simon Cowell's snarkiness adds a certain zest:)  The clip I am embedding here is possibly my favorite of all time.  These two brothers introduce themselves as sandwich makers who love to sing classical music.  Of course this elicits a "please-get-me-out-of-here" eye roll from Simon.  Then they proceed to sing this:

The Impossible Dream is one of my mom's favorite songs, so I grew up listening to this song and playing it on the piano.  Once in awhile my mom and I would belt it out together as I would play it.  (We didn't sound quite as good as the Johnson Brothers:)

Christi and I were both getting chills as we listened to this performance, so we replayed it several times.  Each time we were struck by the humility and sweetness of the performers.  About the fifth time through, I really tried to find the meaning of the song.  "To dream the impossible dream.  To fight the unbeatable foe.  To fight with your last ounce of courage.  To run where the brave dare not go.  This is my quest.  To follow that star.  No matter how hopeless.  No matter how far.  To fight for the right, without question or pause.  To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.  To reach the unreachable star."

I started thinking about what that might mean to different people.  To the Johnson brothers it might mean, as it once did to me, to find success as singers.  I truly hope they do find success, because I would love to listen to their album!  For others it might mean athletic accomplishments.  It could entail spiritual goals, educational milestones, or climbing to the top of a mountain.  I ran through dozens of possible meanings of "reaching the unreachable star."  And then it hit me.  Sophi is our star.  Graci, Elli, Xander, Lexi, Cali, Taylor, Parker and Jesi are our stars.  We have dreamed a dream that at times seems impossible.  We have fought with our last ounce of courage, even if the only foe is the daunting task of bedtime for nine children.  We have run where the brave (or perhaps the sane) dare not go.  It has at times been a hopeless road, a road eternally far.  But it is the right road for us.  And I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't admit that we have been through some terribly rough patches as we have pursued this heavenly cause.

But like the mountain climber who endures intense discomfort and puts forth supreme physical effort to earn the reward of the panoramic views and gorgeous vistas, so we have been rewarded with unbelievable joy and beauty.  A priceless hug from Soph.  A sincere and grateful smile from Cali.  The unsurpassed expressions of pure happiness from Lexi.  And so many, many other ways we are blessed by our children.  (Not to mention Puzzle Them Home!)

I hope each of you who finds this post can enjoy this beautiful, inspirational music as much as we have.  I hope each of us can reach our unreachable stars.  The world is a better place when are all making the effort to do our very best.



  1. OK - these guys really are fantastic - brilliant even!

    But more so are those that realize what it is they are called to do - and why they are called to do it...

    thanks for getting it guys - just thanks for listening to the Call!

    hugs - love y'all -

    aus and co.

  2. Wow! That gave me chills! I would totally buy their CD. And I would also buy a book of your soliloquies on life, love, and lots of children. Oh but wait, I don't have to buy your book...the blog is free!

  3. Ditto, from the Walker home. I love how you two think and your commitment to serve the Lord in all things. We are honored to know you.


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