Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catch Up!

1.  Though having a child who qualifies for a wish from Make-a-Wish is certainly not something anyone wishes for, there are definite blessings that come with it!  Besides the amazing process of going through the wish granting process (you can read more about that if you click on Make-a-Wish under the Labels menu on the left sidebar) the child continues to be a "Wish Kid."  This means for five years following their wish, they are invited (along with their families) to Make-a-Wish events.  A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to "Pet a Shark Night" at a local aquarium.  It was so much fun.  Besides getting to pet real baby sharks, the kids got to enjoy the whole aquarium and a nice dinner from Chick-fil-a.  It was such a fun, FREE evening!  

2.  Graci looked pretty cute for her dance pictures!  Now I just need to get photos of her without her braces-- her smile is stunning!

3.  Jeremy came in the other day and said, "You'll never guess what was sitting on top of our mail."  He proceeded to hand me the mail-- which had a snail sitting on top of it.  I was on the phone with my sister, Leslie, when it happened.  As I told her, she quickly replied, "Oh... you got literal snail mail!"  Ha.

4.  The house is looking absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!  I meant to take pictures today but forgot--- we PROMISE we'll take some tomorrow and get them posted.  It's just beyond incredible.   We are having the time of our lives with this whole process.  Ok, so this is a fun coincidence.  Right as I was typing that, Jeremy called me from the property.  He took a little jog there tonight to get some exercise.  I wish that all of you who have contributed to this project in any way could have heard the emotion in his voice as he said, "How is this happening?  This is just so so amazing.  It's just so beautiful here!"   Ah... we are so blessed!   We still have quite a way to go with the financing end, but have faith that God is in those details.

5.  When you have lots of kids, you get lots of Mother's Day gifts.  (:  I'm still waiting on Graci's and Parker's (they are apparently working very hard on something) but I'll post pics of the others:

homemade journal from Xander

Jesi had been given "puppy chow" at a birthday party.  I told her how much I loved it, so she saved it for me.  (;

From Jesi:  I asked her what the rice was for and she said,  "Oh, the flowers were in a little pot of rice but they kept getting off balance so I just put it all in a baggie.  Wasn't that smart of me?"

Sophi "gave" me these babies (who incidentally were not hers to give)

This is the real me.  Jesi crowned me queen.  I think I should enter a pageant.  (:


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  2. Oh you got a spam comment right above mine!!

    Love this stuff - simply amazing kids - absolutely amazing family!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  3. Well, since you are wearing a crown in the last picture, I think you are entitled to put a check mark by "fancy" now. Ha!

    1. Love it! I hadn't even noticed that "fancy" wasn't checked. LOL.

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  6. What a fun post! Graci's dance pictures are gorgeous! Snail mail - hilarious. The mother's day gifts are amazing...clever and thoughtful and some very funny. And the Braille messages from Lexi are too sweet for words!

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