Monday, May 27, 2013

More Updates!

So sorry we haven't updated more on the house!  We promise to be better!!!  It is SO amazing:)  We are SO excited.  The trusses are going up tomorrow.  We are so in love with this home.  Thank you SO much to everyone who is helping.  We are amazed at the donations of labor and materials that continue to come.  Here are some pics from the past few weeks:

Not sure what look Jesi was going for here but we were certainly entertained (she cut up paper and taped it to herself for the eyebrows and moustache):
Picture day for Sophi and Lex at the baseball diamond:

(As you can see, Sophi was not super-excited about the photos!!!)

One of Lexi's best friends came along on this week and was her helper at the game.  We love Erin!

Elli, Lexi and Erin had a fantastic time on the tire swing (especially after dad started to push!)

We went down to the cemetery this evening to visit Emily and Jacob.  Hope you all had a great memorial day! 



  1. Oh my goodness! How exciting! Can't wait to come visit!!!

    Also... That last pic is my favorite yet! So sweet!!! -and is Taylor really that much taller than you Christi???

  2. We are SO EXCITED for you to get in your home! I love all the pictures. Those will be so fun to look back at later. I loved the photo of all of you together. You are probably like us and don't get the ENTIRE family together in the same photo very often. :) Hope to see you in a few weeks!!

  3. Brilliant stuff guys - just love it - and love y'all!

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. House looks wondermous! The family looks great too!

  5. What a nice family picture! The house is looking great!

  6. So exciting!!! Do you have an estimated date when it will be ready to move in?

  7. Don't for get to have everyone write their favorite verses on the studs before the drywall goes up!! Surround your selves with the word!!


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