Thursday, June 27, 2013

Princess Perceptive

Christi and I had been out making some decisions for the house (a common theme these days!).  We arrived back home, and Graci, who had been babysitting, came up and nonchalantly said, "I think Elli's sick."  "Why do you think that?" I asked.  "Because she's just laying on the bed, and (almost as an afterthought) because she threw up all over the windowsill.

That's generally a good sign someone is under the weather.

And when poor Elli gets sick, it becomes like the old adage: "When Elli ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"  She's been doubled up in pain on the couch all night.  And she's letting all of us know she's not doing too well.  Poor kid!



  1. Oh, poor girl! Tummy aches are no fun at all. We'll keep her in our prayers.

  2. Aww Jer - don't you wish the power of a parent could make them feel better? ;)

    And on the topic of the power of a parent - dude - you couldn't have hit it better - but I'm talking about the part where you "inspire fear" in a child...

    I've not always been the best parent out there - but over the near 30 years learned something from Marie maybe only in the last couple (I AM a slow learner sometimes!) - when our little ones tantrum or rage it's not because of anger - it's because of FEAR!

    They are afraid that - "dad/mom won't come back - that they won't EVER get to do what they were told "no" about - that they won't ever get "fill in the blank" - that they will NEVER be treated fairly - and fear is a powerful motivator. The one thing that we as parents absolutely must teach our kids is courage...that's one of the big "back stories" in's not knowing what the right thing to do is - it's doing the right thing in the face of the fear of what might happen in response to it. That's what made Christ so exceptional - He knew the fear - but had the courage to carry out the Father's plan anyway!

    Thanks for "getting it" - love you guys -

    aus and co.

  3. Hope miss Ellie feels better soon! Can't wait to see the finished product of the house!


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