Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When did he grow up?

When did our little boy become a man?  It's crazy how big Taylor has become over the past year.  I notice it most when I shake his hand or give him five.  He has man hands.  They're almost as big as mine!  He is wearing a size 13 shoe at this point.  It's crazy.  It's a frequent reminder of just how quickly  they are all growing up.  Take advantage of each moment of these precious years while they are at home.

Speaking of homes, ours continues to progress.  There have been some minor issues in the past couple of days, so the progress has been a bit slow, but framing should be complete on Friday.  Plumbing, electric and HVAC are all going in at this point.  The timbers on the front porch arrived and are gorgeous.  It is SO fun to watch our beautiful home go up.

Thank you!


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  1. Morning bro - in regard to our kids - yeah - I get that! One minute they are a kid - and the next grown and gone...but it's all good!

    love you guys - aus and co.


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