Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Trip

As I mentioned, my in-laws had Jess, Lex and Soph for five days and then hosted all the rest of us except Christianne for four more days.  As you can imagine, their food budget tends to spike when we show up.  Thanks, Dean and LaRita!  You are angels!

We have had a great trip.  We went to Richfield for the fourth of July, catching their parade and evening fireworks display.  (Christi's mom grew up in Richfield and Grandma Larsen and lots of cousins still live there.)

Waiting for the parade to start

Collecting candy

After the parade, Grandma Larsen fed us all lunch (and later dinner!) and had a birthday cake for Taylor.  She also let Sophi and Lexi play with play-doh.  For some reason, she added corn starch to the mix.  I've never seen the kids play with corn starch before, but they sure enjoyed it:

On Friday morning, Christi's brother Matthew took me on an amazing three-hour ride on a four wheeler.  (The four wheeler I used belonged to another brother-thanks, Danny and Breanna!)  It was an amazing experience through some absolutely amazing country.  We had a little issue with a broken belt and me having to wait an hour and a half in 100 degree weather while help was summoned, but that was at the end of the trip and didn't detract from the amazing ride:)  Here a couple of pics:

Eagle Arch

Eagle Canyon  Bridge
It has been a great trip, and from what Christi tells me, it has been very cathartic for her to be able to have some time on her own.  Hopefully we're all geared up for the home stretch.  23 more days until the judging for the Parade of Homes. Yikes, that's soon!!!



  1. Great coupla three posts here guys - just love the glimpses at family - at the "inner workings" of a kids mind - of life being lived (broken belts and alone time) included!

    love you guys - three weeks to go!

    aus and co.

  2. My Grandpa Larsen is from Salina, right next to Richfield. Interesting!

    Melissa :)


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