Friday, July 19, 2013


Several months ago, we were contacted by producers of a film intially called "The Finding Place."  They wanted us to consider letting them travel with us to China to film Cali's adoption, as well as taking Graci back to her finding place.  Jeremy was on board immediately, knowing that it could be a great tool in finding families for children and knowing what a blessing it would be to our own children to have these things documented.  I was a little more selfish.  I don't like cameras!  I am always critical of myself and just uncomfortable in general.  Besides that, it was at a very busy time in our lives-- preparing to bring one more child home, all of the arrangements for our kids that were staying here, etc.   Part of the filmmaking process was having Dave and Kathi (producers) fly out to our home to film us preparing to go.  Honestly, it felt very overwhelming.  We only had a short time to give them a final answer.  After a lot of thought, I basically decided that if we didn't do it, another family would and the film would do fine.  I was relieved.  Then I decided to actually pray about it.  Ha!  During church that day I had a very spiritual experience that let me know that we were supposed to say yes.  I had such a powerful confirmation in my heart that there was purpose in our family being in the film.  

As it turns out, while we were in China filming Cali's adoption, Dave, the producer, went to a local orphanage to do some filming.  While there, he took some footage of a little girl who had once been matched with a family, but for whatever reason, the family wasn't able to go forward with her adoption.  He posted that footage on facebook and asked people to share her story.  A beautiful couple saw the footage and knew that this was their daughter.  They are now in the process of bringing her home!  Part of the documentary will be filming little Lucy's story.  As I've pondered on this, I've realized that there was indeed great purpose to our family being part of the film.  This precious child of God needed to be connected to her family here in America and He put the right people in the right place at the right time in order to do so.   I feel strongly in my heart that this film will result in many more children finding their forever families!   Dave and Kathi are asking that you all please like and share this trailer and consider contributing if you feel led to do so.  They are in great need of additional funds to complete the production of the film.  If you have links to  the adoption community-- agencies, blogs, etc.-- please consider sharing the trailer with them.  (:

Click HERE to watch the trailer.  



  1. Christianne I'm so glad you did this! So moving! I loved it, made me cry.

  2. Just the trailer brought tears to my eyes - sharing - and so glad you guys agreed to do this!

    Oh - and good luck with the "little Houdini" - my oh my the daily struggle!

    hugs - love you guys - aus and co.

  3. I got goosebumps from the trailer! What an amazing story - you all seem to be an amazing family with a huge heart :)

  4. The trailer had tears coming to my eyes...the movie is going to make me sob. I can't wait to see it.

  5. Christianne, Thanks for posting this. I'm so glad we found you on the internet and have been able to experience and document the love of God expressed through the Green's. Your family is a glimpse into God's coming Kingdom.

  6. I cannot wait to see the rest of this doc! we just got back from china with our SN son! He is the biggest blessing! can't wait to go back hopefully next year to adopt a girl!


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