Sunday, August 4, 2013


Our kitchen table, several dressers and most of our mattresses (including Christi's and mine) are up at the new home.  They add beauty to the staged decorations, but sleeping on the floor hasn't been great for my aging body.  Monday night we stayed up all night.  Tuesday I fell asleep on the floor during I Love Lucy and stayed there all night.  Wednesday I tried a couch.  Thursday was a foam camping pad. Last night I  made Xander sleep on the couch and I was on his mattress.  Suffice it to say, I've been pretty tired all week.  

On top of the mattress shortage, the lack of dressers has made it difficult to keep our clothes organized.  There was about an eight-inch layer of clean clothes on our bedroom floor for most of the week.  It was folded (thanks to our laundry fairies) but we just hadn't had time to put it away.  So tonight, Christi had the kids help her put all the clothes away.  She worked hard (while I took the kids to the dollar theater) and got our bedroom much cleaner.  We planned on filling up the air mattress and watching a Star Trek episode before going to bed.  I ran to the store to get some cheesecake for Graci's birthday tomorrow.  While I was there, Christi called me and said, "I have one of those things for blowing up air mattresses, but it doesn't have any batteries.  Do you want to buy some batteries, or should we just use the air compressor my dad got us?"

"The air compressor should work.  Let's just go with that."

Ah, the futility of the uneducated.  In case you don't know, an air compressor produces high pressure, low volume air.  A pump for an air mattress produces low pressure, high volume air.  We've now had this insanely loud compressor on in our bedroom for over half an hour.  The bed is probably 90% full.  Why didn't I pay more attention in physics class?!?


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  1. When you got to the part about the batteries I could see the rest coming!! Do you have a tank type vacuum cleaner or a shop vac? Reverse the hose and you have a low pressure high volume pump! (And that was the school of hard knock talking!) BTW - when it comes to really "empting" the mattress - the vacuum works good there too! ;)

    Think of it as a grand adventure - kinda like living in China or something!!

    love you guys - hugs - aus and co.


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