Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two items of business

I know I said my next post would be about Conner-- but I have two time-sensitive hings that I wanted to blog about first.
1.  Many people expressed a desire to come and see our new home after the parade because they didn't want to buy tickets for all of their kids or they couldn't make it before for whatever reason.  We decided to have have an open house tomorrow from 4:00-7:00 to give anyone who wished a chance to walk through.  Kids can go up in the tower playroom (we didn't allow it during the Parade because of liability issues) as long as they have parent permission (the rails are still not up on the bunk beds) and can play on the playgrounds outside.   We'll have cookies outside.  We will start to move in the following day, so this is the last chance to see it staged with all of the cute things we borrowed from our darling friends and neighbors, and it's likely the last time you will ever see every room clean at the same time again!  (: 

2.  I have a friend who was planning on hosting a Chinese exchange student this year.  They have met the student through Skype and she will be arriving on Tuesday.  Last week, this family found out that a job transfer would be sending them to Rexburg, ID.  Unfortunately, the high school there will not accept their exchange student.   They have no other choice than to find a new family for this cute girl, who has already been accepted by Jordan School District and is registered at Herriman High School.  Is this something that you might be interested in????  Again, she arrives on TUESDAY.  As in, two days from now.  (:  Here is some more info from my friend:

Our exchange student is a girl from Tianjin, China.
She is arriving on Tuesday, the 20th of August in SLC. She is currently visiting family in Seattle.
She'll be a Junior in high school.
A family would need to provide her a bed of her own, but she can share a room with one other female.
The family also provides her food.
She is bringing money for all other school expenses, etc.
The company that she is coming through would need to do a criminal back ground check on the family. (Super easy.)
They will also want to come and see the house and meet the family.
The family is asked to treat her like a member of the family and include her in their activities, etc.
We are not allowed to publish photos on the internet, but she is adorable.
She speaks really good English. She had to score high enough to get into school without taking ESL.
She LOVES little kids and doesn't mind a big family.
She will eat anything, and is willing to do chores.
She has no allergies.
We've spoken to her twice on skype and she is just excited to be in America. She is also excited to go buy Apple products! (Pretty typical.)
She plays volleyball and likes singing and dancing. Her favorite color is blue.
She also plays piano.
Her favorite music is Kpop (korean pop) and she wants to learn to speak Korean.
Her family wants her host family to visit China one day so that they can show them around.
She really wants a family with a mom and dad in the home.
She is a leader at her school.


  1. That's so sad about Madison High not taking her!! I know the principal and am good friends with one of the assistant principals - I sure wish there was something I could do, but I'm thinking they must only admit a certain number of exchange students per year or something like that. Maybe it will work out for the best and another great family can take her. To anyone out there: I've heard and seen from friends' experience that Asian students are extremely polite, pleasant, responsible, and accomodating in a host family and work out WONDERFULLY as foreign exchange students!!! Let me know who the family moving to Rexburg is - I'd love to talk to them.

  2. We did the exchange student thing not last school year but the one prior - a young lady from S. Korea - and it was one of the best experiences we've ever had! Thought about it for this year but until we are sure that we've gotten Brianna's EDS under good control (not to mention the extended family "stuff") it wouldn't be fair to anyone - including the student! Besides - there would be some serious hoops to jump through to get her to Ohio!

    wish we could make the open house too - just miss you guys!

    love and hugs to all - aus and co.

  3. Did you find a home for her. If she is interested in transferring to Murray High, we would be interested in taking her in. I am Laura Evans Daniels sister-in-law Becky Evans. I could send you a family photo and more info if you e-mail me at You have an amazing family and I admire what you are doing very much!!!


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