Tuesday, October 8, 2013

60 in 60

OK.  This is awful.  Taylor just came in and said "Do you realize it's been 20 days since you blogged?"  Yes, I guess I realized that.  It's been nagging at me here and there, off and on for days.  But I'm too busy, right?  No.  I just haven't prioritized it.

So why is it important that I blog regularly?  Partly because of you faithful readers who love to hear stories of our off-the-wall bunch.  Partly to keep our extended family in the loop regarding our kids.  Partly because of the therapeutic value of putting thoughts on (virtual) paper.  But mostly because of the history that is lost if we don't record things on a regular basis.  Funnyisms, tender mercies, sibling love, sibling rivalry, so many wonderful things to remember that are quickly forgotten if not journaled.  Our kids love to read the blog.  They love to read recent posts and they love to read long ago posts.  Hopefully someday, their kids will love to read about the exploits of their parents here on these virtual pages.

So to get me jump started again, I am committing to 60 posts in 60 days, starting today.  Feel free to hold me to it.  (And Christi, you feel free to take part.  I could use some help!)

We are loving our new home and feeling so grateful to be here.  Thanks again to all who have helped!!!



  1. Oh, that's such great news!! I'll tell Mariah when she wakes up. She has been so very, very concerned (and slightly put out) that it has been a while since there was something new on the blog. She has expressed her exasperation several times. ;) I keep telling her we should post on our own blog, and she didn't even know we had one. That tells you how longs it's been since we kept ours up.

    We miss you! Oh, I was going to tell you...we were talking about where to go on vacation next summer. There is a tradition here for families to go on a "senior trip" when they have a graduating senior. So I was talking about going to some church history sites in Illinois and back East, etc., and/or Mount Rushmore, etc. and how much fun it would be. The kids said, "Can't we go to Aunt Christi's house and stay? And how about St. George (to Aunt Leslie's and Uncle Danny's)?" :) :) :)

  2. Woo-hoo! 60 in 60. Now I can get my daily fix of crazy. :)

  3. I for one am NOT going to hold y'all to this. I would so crash and burn on like day 11 if I made this promise.

  4. I'm so excited. I've been missing your posts terribly. Thank you Taylor for saying what the rest of us wish we could say.

  5. Hooray, you're back! I've been checking every day. Glad to know you're all alive and well. Looking forward to hearing about life at the Green household.

  6. I'm glad you are back. you are my favorite blog to stalk! And 60 in 60 is a little ambitious. I'll be delighted with anything regular.


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