Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Christi and I were sitting down to our diet breakfast this morning.  The older kids were gone to school and Lexi and Soph were the only ones home.  As any of you who have stuck to a low-calorie diet for any length of time will know,  each bite of your allotted food is precious.  Each morsel has deep intrinsic value.  You would perhaps rather lose your pinkie toe than share even a nibble.  Be that as it may, I am a remarkable father, empathizing deeply with the desires and needs of my sweet children.  (Note the sarcasm.)

My breakfast was a bowl of Cream of Wheat sweetened with Splenda and a fresh pear.  The pear was delicious.  Perfectly ripened and bursting with flavor, nectar dripping down my underprivileged throat.  It was a delight to savor each bite.  But of course Lexi and Sophi wanted some.  Lexi, priding herself on her subtlety, stood nearby and said, "I wish I could have some pear."  Me (demonstrating one of my remarkable fathering techniques): "Better keep wishing."  Lexi was undaunted and proceeded to keep wishing.  To do this, she blew out three times.  It sounded like someone trying to blow out birthday candles.  I'd never heard anyone wish in this manner before and was quite enchanted with her charm.  "Is that how you wish?" I asked.  Goofy Lexi grin appears, "Yes."  I was so enamored with her that I cut off a piece of pear, put it in her mouth and said, "Your wish is granted."  Another goofy grin, this time with juice running down her mouth.

Sophi suddenly got wise.  "I wish I could have some pear."  Me: "I didn't hear you wish like Lexi."  Sophi blows out three times.  Me: "Your wish is granted" while popping a pear slice in her mouth.




Lexi:  "I wish I could go to Disneyworld."

Christi and I could not stop laughing:)



  1. LOL- what a smart girl!

    I wish that too!

  2. Hahaha! I wish I could read a post from Christi. ;)

  3. Classic! That Lexi is a smart little girl! And your line..."nectar dripping down my underprivileged throat"...brilliant! Only a fellow dieter truly understands that phrase.


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