Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Proud Sophi

Sophi has had a difficult time coping with adversity ever since we adopted her.  When things are going according to plan, life is great.  She's as happy as a clam--a bright spot in our home.  When something, even the smallest thing, upsets her, she absolutely falls apart.  Screaming, raging, foot stomping falls apart.  To be fair, she has improved SO MUCH in the past two years.  We are proud of her efforts.  What's cute is how proud she is when she behaves well.  After church on Sundays she will proclaim, "I was so good in my class!  You didn't have to come get me!"  After pre-school she will tell everyone: "I was so good in pre-school!  I didn't even cry!"  All of this is shared with a high level of exuberance.

This morning I was at the computer in my office doing some work.  Sophi had been quietly playing in the other room.  She came in and said, "Can I have a treat?"  I looked at her and raised an eyebrow Mr. Spock style and just stared.  After a few seconds she says in a strong voice, "I was so good!  Well!  Duh!"

Good for you, Soph:)  Stand up for yourself!


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  1. What would we do without our Soph? I don't know how such a big personaility fits into that cute, little body!


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