Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sophi's Song

Today in the car Sophi  was singing made-up songs with made-up tunes.  Imagine her singing her little heart out with a melody that wanders all over the place without realizing she had an audience:

It's OK that I don't have any arms
Because I am fabulous
And high fashion
Like Jesi.

And when I grow up, I think I will have three kids
Not 100,000 kids.
Because that is too many to take care of and to feed.
Actually, maybe I will have four or five or even eight, 
but not one hundred thousand.
Cuz' that will be too many.



  1. "High fashion like Jesi"---I would have had to pull the car over due to hyperventilating with laughter! What a great song & great kid! Ha! You know, I bet Jesi is still beaming from the compliment!

  2. Oh, thank you for writing this down! Precious and hilarious...just like Soph!