Saturday, December 21, 2013


Only half awake, a groggy Lexi stumbles into our bedroom.  Jesi says, "Lexi, I can't find my glasses.  Will you help me look for them?"  Lexi replies, "Sorry Jess.  I can't right now.  I have to take a bath."  You can't make this stuff up:)

Today we attended Grandpa Great's funeral.  It was a wonderful day and fitting tribute to a great man. At the viewing, Sophi was very interested in talking to Grandpa Great and telling him goodbye.  She put her little foot on his hand and was very loving with him.  She was reasonably reverent during the service and had so much fun playing with cousins during and after the luncheon that was provided for family.  On the drive back to Grandma's house, Sophi was talking to Parker and said something about how it was sad that Grandpa Great died.  Parker replied, "But it's ok, Sophi, 'cuz now where is he?"  Sophi promptly responded, "In a box!"


  1. I love this! I need to not let my limitations stop me and follow her example! :) Loved reading your updates, especially the skating outing! What a fun night!!


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