Monday, February 11, 2013

Any potential moms out there?? (:

This is the conversation I had with Sophi this morning.  It is pretty much word-for-word-- I was so touched that I kept hearing it over and over in my head all day.  It was especially cute in her sweet Sophi voice.  (:

Soph:  "Mom, I love you."

Me:  "Soph, I love you."

Soph:  "I love you so much!"

Me:   "I love you so much!"

Soph:  "We love each others, right?"

Me:  "Right."

Spontaneous kiss.

Soph:  "Mom, thank you for 'dopting me."

Me:  "Thank you for being my daughter!"

Soph:  "Cuz I was lonely in China, huh?"

Me:  "Oh, I'm so sorry you were lonely!"

Soph:  "Yeah, I was sad, huh?  But now I not cuz I have a family, huh?!"

Me:  "Yes, now we're all so happy!"

Soph:  "'Cept my friends in China are still lonely."

Me:  "Why are they lonely?"

Soph:  "Cuz they want their moms."

  The first photo we saw of Sophi

 Some of Sophi's friends

  Sophi's "playroom" where she spent most of her day

 Sophi's "sleeping room"

She became very somber when we visited the orphanage

Second day in China...

No longer lonely!

"Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person who needs you. This is your chance."  --Mother Teresa


  1. So so true! Since my husband and I have choosen to adopt the question I keep asking myself is why we don't talk more about adoption in our church. Other churches do so freely, but if it is in the scriptures we should adopt then why aren't we encouraged more to do so. Just throwing it out there. I love our church and don't mean to critize but I just want to scream it from the roof tops that we need to be doing so much more. Sophi is lovely. I am glad she has such an awesome family and we can't wait till we are matched with our new daughter. Thanks for continueing to share your story. It really does make a difference.

    1. Amen and Amen to your comments!!! "Just wantto scream it from the roof tops that we need to be doing so much more"

  2. This just pulls at my heart strings so much! My entire life I have felt so strongly that I would adopt someday. Now that I'm married and even have a family of my own, I want SO badly to adopt, we already plan on it, but we aren't old enough yet! (It's 30 for our state). I've been following your blog for the last six months. Prior to finding it, I dreamed frequently of my adopted children, imagining cute, blonde, little American children. My heart had never been open to foreign adoption or special needs. I know the Lord led me to your blog, because now it is all that I can consider! I know that it is the right choice for us, and I'm so grateful to you for sharing your story, so that my heart could be softened and our children can someday join us. I look at the children waiting for families and want so badly to hug each one and bring them home. I cannot wait until the day that we get to meet them or see their pictures for the first time! You are doing amazing things and I'm so grateful that you share them with the world! You are making such a difference!

  3. Morning guys - I love those "eyes open" conversations with our kids. Braelyn and I have them on a quasi-regular basis anymore - we had one last night on the way home from "Sunday school" (which is on Monday night - long story!) I love that one on one time when I get it with her too. And I'll always remember the phone call from Jer when he wanted to talk about Sophi's adoption - I gathered that he was still in that "discernment" period - or at least he was still telling himself that - but I knew from his tone of voice that he was already "all in" for her. He e-mailed me the picture you included while we were talking and he's talking about the look on her face and her eyes and the emotion that he could see - he was already in love with your daughter...and I knew that joy that he was feeling...

    If only parents could "taste" that - they'd adopt and never look back. And if only a small percentage of us that call ourselves "Christian" - regardless of our specific Church - would adopt one...well...there'd be a waiting list of parents! ;)

    hugs - love you guys -

    aus and co.

  4. Sophi does have a way of making it all clear, doesn't she? I can just hear her little voice as I read that conversation. She's so young; it's amazing she can think about the loneliness of her friends back in China. I think she will be a great ambassador someday.

  5. Wonderful post my sweet friend!!! I am sharing!

  6. Tears! Your Sophi is a beautiful child.

  7. YES!!!! I'm a potential mom! Start helping me find our next child! :) YAY!!!! Love y'all. I haven't checked in in a few days. I have lots and lots of reading to do!

  8. I think I got teared up reading this! So much sweetness.


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