Friday, February 21, 2014

Dance Class!

Last summer a young woman in our neighborhood offered a really cute week-long dance class for young girls.  Jess and Lexi were in the older group.  Sophi was in the younger group.  They went for an hour a day for four days and performed it for all of the parents on the fifth day.  Jesi is in the blue shirt in the middle of the group.  Lexi is the free spirit doing her own thing:)  Love my girls!!!!!



  1. What a sweet young woman! She proved that service projects don't always have to be huge, time-consuming efforts. I was also impressed by Lexi's memory, because a lot of her moves matched what the rest of the group was doing!

  2. Very cute! I loved free-spirit Lexi and it was obvious she was with the girls on certain fun!

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  4. Lexi is so cute and I believe she did know some of the moves done by the rest of the group :3 Plus, she is such a good dancer!!


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