Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Darling Jesi

Jessica just came and handed me her school journal covering the first half of the year.  I have spent the last twenty minutes or so with a permanent smile on my face as I read through it.  Here are a few of my favorite entries:

August 28:

Yesterday me and my brothers and sisters went on a nice walk.  I am still packing but I still can't believe that I live in my new house.  It started with an idea of one of my mom's friends.  She told my mom that we needed a new house that was exesable for all the needs in my family.  We are really grateful for our new house.  It has everything that my family needs like a elevator for Cali, a lower sink for Sophi also a lower microwave.  My big brothers surprize was a half of a sport court.  It can be used for basketball, tenniss, badmitton and bally ball (volleyball).  It is so amasing how my new house is getting more and more stuff in it.  When my dad had to build my new house he stayed up really really really late something like 11:00 or 12:00.  It took a long time but it has made it.  I love my Rapunzel room how it is like a secret room.  I also love my long walk in closet.

Dec 5:

Today is December 5th, 2013.  I am awsome.  I think I'm fab.  I think I'm a girl that's so so cool because I got to be on the news once before, not for awhile but I did.  My little sister Sophi is so talented.  She can eat with her feet, brush her teeth with her feet, she can do the full splits and she is like a little angel.  I love her so so so so much.  Lei is blind.  She can do braill.  She can guide people if she knows where she is going.  Elli has otizum and she is blind.  She is so so so lucky because she goes to a school with a swimming pool and it also has a ball pit.  Yeah.  It's all true!!!

Dec. 15:

It is a good day so far.  I like to swim.  It is fun.  I love to do it.  I don't know what I would do without Christmas.  It is a very very  special Holiday when our Lord Jesus Christ was born.  I love getting to celeabrate his birth.   He used to live in Bethlihem.  There is a stable where Jesus Christ was born.  That is why the place is so so so so so amazing.  I was born in Tennasee, Murfrizbro.  And when I was four I got my ears persed.  I like getting to wear earrings.  Today I am wearing earings that are shaped like small adoribul pretty little keys and they are really really glittery.  So yeah.  I love the day of December 28 because that is my only just blind sisters birthday.  She can read braill.  It is so so cool!!!

I love that girl of mine.  (:



  1. Lexi's Birthday is on December 28?!?! MY BIRTHDAY IS ALSO ON DECEMBER 28!!!!!!!! :D
    ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness LEXI AND I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AND I thought no one had the same birthday as me!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I really hope Lexi and I can celebrate our birthday together one day.... <3


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