Monday, March 17, 2014

Basketball Stars

The 2013-2014 basketball season was a great one for our boys.  They both played on their Providence Hall Junior High Varsity team.  They both did very well.  Taylor started basically every game and Parker started quite a few.  They had tons of points and rebounds (Taylor) and assists and steals (Parker).  We had so much fun cheering for them on the same team.  They also both played on super league teams, again as big contributors.  Graci may have been the most valuable player as she helped a LOT with Elli while we were gone to games.  Thanks, Grace!!!

The Providence Hall team took third place in the state tournament.  Way to go guys!  Taylor was co-captain of this team.  They enjoyed posing with the trophy:

Team co-captains!

Parker's super-league team played in a weekend tournament in January and won their division.  They are a fun team to watch!

Taylor is now officially six feet tall.  he has these loooooong arms.  His body type lends itself quite nicely to defense.  Here are four blocks from ONE game, along with a free throw:

It is so fun to watch your kids succeed:)



  1. Good job, guys! The photos of the blocked shots are great!

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