Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Master Chef

The other day Jessica found a brownie mix on the pantry shelf.  She asked Christi if she could make it for dessert.  You bet!  So Christi helped her to get all the ingredients out and then left Jesi on her own to put it together.  A little while later Christi came back to check up.  Jesi had already poured the batter into the pan, but Christi noticed a small eggshell on the side of the mixing bowl.  She asked, "Jess, did you get any eggshells in the brownies?"

"Yes, but I got them out."

Christi said, "Hmmm.  Maybe we'd better check."

Upon further instigation they found this small piece of shell embedded within the batter in the pan:

Yes, that is like a third of an egg.  That was the only one they found, so they put it into the oven.  Shortly after it began baking, Christi noticed that the flour she had set out appeared untouched.  "Jessica, did you put the flour in the brownies?"  Jesi paused for a few seconds with a contemplative look on her face.  "Oops!"

Hey, you can pay big dollars for a flour-less chocolate cake at fancy restaurants.  Jesi's just reaching for the stars!

Love you, sweetie:)


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  1. Good job, Jesi! You'll have to help me cook when I am there!


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