Thursday, March 27, 2014

Science Success

Once again, Taylor is at the state science fair competition.  It's held every year on BYU campus, and it seems like just about every year Taylor is there.  This is certainly a testament to his strong science aptitude and his ability to communicate.  But it is just as strong a testament to the dedication of his devoted mother.  Way to go Christi! Doing a brief calculation in my head, I estimate that my relative contribution to the combined 467 science projects our family has completed over the past several years is approximately 2.06%.  (On the other hand, Christi's participation in the boys' Star and Life ranks in scouting is approximately the same number:).

Graci and Parker have also done well with their projects over the years, always advancing at least to the school-wide level.  Parker actually took first place in his division at the state level last year.

Despite the large number of science projects our family has already completed, we are still less than half way through.  But that's ok, cuz they're Christi's favorite thing to do!


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  1. I just KNOW they must be Christi's favorite thing. ha ha ha! Congratulations to Taylor!


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