Wednesday, April 9, 2014

He just wants a family.

I just got done blogging about Costa Rica.  Reflecting on our trip put me in the happiest mood.  Then I checked email and was reminded of something that took my carefree heart and made it heavy.

His name is Cameron.

Actually, his name is whatever you want it to be.  "Cameron" was just assigned to him so his Chinese name wouldn't be shared.

He desperately wants a family and it is breaking our hearts.  Our friend, Mike, who was with us during Cali's adoption, has started a new organization, FindMe International.  One of their purposes is to make videos of some of the kids in China so that prospective families can feel like they are getting more information than they would if they just had a picture.  Mike recently took this video of Cameron.  Please watch!

Now here comes the super hard part.  Cameron's 14th birthday is June 8.  Which means that if he is not adopted by then, he will "age out" of the system.  There is not much time, but we believe in miracles.  We are starting TODAY to include him in every prayer.  We are also praying that somewhere out there, a mother and father will view this video and let Cameron find his way into their hearts.  His orphanage has waived their fee, which cuts the cost of his adoption by over $5,000!  They really care about him and desperately want him to have a family.  Mike spoke to the director a few days ago and she said, "I can feel his feelings from him.  He doesn't say it, but he has more feelings than others to have a family."  Breaks my heart.

In just over a week from now, our family will be at his orphanage in Xi'an.  Wouldn't it be the most INCREDIBLE THING IN THE WORLD if we could tell him in person that a family has come forward for him????  Wouldn't it be amazing to catch this on film for his new family?  Miracles CAN happen!!!  Please consider sharing this information and joining us in prayer.

Here is the info we have on him:

 "Cameron ONLY HAS UNTIL 6-8-2014 UNTIL HE IS TOO OLD TO BE ADOPTED. He is interested in studying. He is good at Chinese and Math. He is pleasant kid with a great smile. His smile turns solemn when asked about a family. He wants a mother and father so badly. According to the orphanage adoption director Cameron had heart surgery that was successful. However, he still struggles with circulatory problems that can cause blue skin and coldness. He really needs a mom and dad to love and care for him."


  1. What is the process to adopt from China - being accepted as possible parents, estimated cost, time frame, travel etc?

    1. Karen-- I replied to your question below. (:

  2. Karen, you can go to and click on the China tab. It should answer most of your question and covers the qualifications to adopt. I think your cost would be under $20,000 because his orphanage fee would be waived. You will get a tax credit of over $13,000-- making the cost essentially more like $7,000 in the long run. Normally it would take about 10 months from start to finish, but because this boy is aging out you would obviously need to get everything expedited. I'm honestly not sure if it's possible if you haven't begun the process yet, but it is worth asking. I've heard of it happening before. You can call CCAI at 303-850-9998.

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  4. My uncle is a police officer and my aunt is a home nurse.... xc

    Jojo ages out July and I'm so worried about her... :(
    Please please keep her in your prayers also....I add her and Cameron to my prayer list too..


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