Friday, May 2, 2014

Home Again…Well, Sort Of

I’m writing this on 4/30/14.  I’m not sure what day it will get posted.) 
Some of the magic left with Christi.  All of us have been kind of dragging the last couple of days.  We can’t really take taxis anywhere because some of the kids would be without a parent.  The weather has been mostly rainy in Guangzhou, so we didn’t even get out of the hotel much.  All of the adoption paperwork was finished early on Tuesday morning, so all were doing was waiting for Conner’s passport with the US visa in it.  In other words, we were all bored to tears.  This morning Parker said to me, “You know, I’m ready to go home at this point.”  And honestly, I felt the same way.  We’re all pretty tired.  It sounds nice to get back to our own house and our own beds and a bit of a routine.  And yet we still had Hangzhou ahead of us.

Graci was the exception to the rule.  She was looking forward to the Hangzhou portion of our trip more than anything else.  Her beloved foster family and hometown were waiting for us.  I knew it was important to her, so I didn’t let on that I was anything but ecstatic, but inside I was really lamenting that we couldn’t just leave Guangzhou and head straight back to the good old USA.  I felt that way through the packing.  (I think Parker was worried I was going to lose my cool, but I did not!  I have been a pretty patient papa the entire tripJ.)  I felt that way through airport ticketing and security.  I felt that way on the plane.  I felt that way as we retrieved our baggage.

And then I saw China Mama.  And I was at home.  It really was a beautiful experience.  I felt like I would feel if my parents picked me up at the Portland airport or if I pulled into Christi’s childhood home in Ferron.  I was home.  I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful extended family we have half way around the world.  I love them dearly. 

In the hereafter, I look forward to many things, including:  receiving a huge bear hug from my sweet Sophi’s arms, gazing into Lexi’s eyes and asking her if I look like she imagined, having a heartfelt conversation with China Mama and China Baba in a language we can all understand.

Of course it will be wonderful to return home on Friday night.  But a piece of my heart will always live in Hangzhou.



  1. Jeremy, I tell my husband all the time that he's a wonderful husband and father. And he is. You are too! God bless you for being such a good husband and father to such a fantastic family.

  2. What an amazing and unexpected gift Graci's China family has turned out to be! That is such a special relationship.


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