Sunday, July 20, 2014


Guys generally lie about their height.  Measured with no shoes on, I'm 6' 1.25".  I can't tell you how many times some guy has told me he's 6' 2" while I'm looking down at least three inches to make eye contact.  I guess there's some leeway when you consider how much difference shoes can make.  I generally say I'm 6' 2" as well, which I am on a basketball court.  Regardless of how you measure, Taylor recently hit a milestone he has been pining after for a long time.  He is now taller than me:)  I must admit it's strange having to look up when I'm talking to him.  Way to go T!  I look forward to tracking your blocked shots next season!!!


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  1. Gary kindly reminded me that I will be the "shorty" in our family. Lauren is already taller than me and Logan will for sure be. I'm assuming Erin will follow Lauren...